Information about SLR Cameras

Unlike the latest trend of small and sleek cameras, we still get to see the professional photographers carrying huge cameras around their neck. Most people get surprised, and astonished by these bulky looking cams, but they have no clue what these are.

These are the SLR cameras, where SLR stands for Single Lens Reflex that is used for the purpose of professional photography. In a normal camera, light passes through lens of the camera and hit the film. However, viewfinder does not get the same amount of light that is passed to film. It gets a separate amount of light. The light passes through the camera lens (the long protruding rectangle in front), this light then hits the film placed at the back of camera. The photograph is then generated. Viewfinder is present at the top of the camera.

SLR Cameras

The image that you get could be slightly different then what you see in viewfinder. This is acceptable as far as casual photography is concerned. However, it’s not desirable for professional photography. And that’s where SLR cameras come into scene.   SLR camera works on Through-the-Lens principal. This means that the image is viewed, focused and metered directly through the lens. In an SLR camera, film and viewfinder get the same set of light and so the image which is generated on film is the same as what you had seen in view finder.

SLR cameras offer you a great creative control over the picture that you capture. They have almost zero lag time, and this makes them ideal for action photography. If you have been playing around with a normal point and shoot camera till now, you may start thinking about shifting onto an SLR camera. The difference might stun you. SLR cameras are also available in different categories, such as Beginner SLR, Intermediate SLR and advanced SLR. Beginner one offers you a very good stepping stone, without burning much of a hole in your pocket.

SLR's are designed in such a way that you can make a choice from a lot of different lenses, with different focal lengths. This versatility is the reason why SLR cameras are so popular among professionals. When you're using a camera that is not a SLR, you need to match the angle of the viewing lens with the angle of view until you get the desired angle that is best suited for the scene to be captured. It is better because the viewing and taking lenses are the same. The basic models that are available will lock the mirror, and the prism will divert the image towards a sensor that is small.

There are different types of SLR cameras, SLR with Interchangeable-lens are those considered as SLR's by most people. You can change their lenses in these SLR cameras. This way you're able to switch from a super telephoto lens to an ultra wide angle. Most SLR cameras that are being sold today belong to this type. SLR with Fixed Lens is another type of SLR, in which, the versatility is limited by the fact that you can't change the default lens. The mirror that bounces the light towards the viewfinder is static and semi-transparent in most of these models.


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